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Sarum House Surgery
 Sarum House Surgery

Reception: (01432) 265422
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Stop Smoking


There is a choice of Stop Smoking Providers in Herefordshire.


Did you know that you can access help and support to stop smoking at GP surgeries, at most Halo  Leisure centres and at most pharmacies in Herefordshire.


With stop smoking support from an advisor you are four times more likely to be successful at quitting than if you go it alone.

What are the benefits of Quitting?

When Smoking Stops, the benefits begin:



20 minutes -    Your blood pressure and pulse return to normal


24 hours -        Carbon monoxide has left your body


2 days -            Your body is now nicotine free


3 days -            Your lungs improve and breathing becomes easier


2 weeks -         Blood circulation improves throughout your body


3 weeks -         Withdrawal problems ease


3 - 9 months -  Coughs, wheezing and breathing problems improve



Sarum House Smoking Cessation Service


  • Patients can be seen by our Health Care Assistant (HCA)/Practice Nurse Monday to Friday 8.00am—6.00pm
  • Your first appointment  with the HCA will include blowing into a carbon monoxide monitor; a discussion re the various options available; agreeing a ‘give-up’ date;         prescription as  necessary and a follow-up appointment.
  • Your second appointment will require a further carbon monoxide monitoring test and support /- further prescription
  • Patients can be seen as often as they like at a time to suit them.  Your progress will be monitored throughout the whole process by  regular carbon monoxide tests.



Nicotine replacement therapies (NRT)



How does nicotine replacement therapy work?


NRT is a way of getting nicotine into the bloodstream without smoking.  There are nicotine gums, patches, inhalers, tablets, lozenges, and sprays.  You can buy most of these from pharmacies and other retail outlets.  They are also available on prescription.


How does nicotine replacement therapy work?


NRT stops, or reduces the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.  This helps you to stop smoking, but without having unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.  NRT does not ’make’ you stop smoking.  You still need determination to succeed in breaking the smoking habit.


What is Champix?


Champix is not a NRT  but it is a treatment to help people to stop smoking.  The Treatment is a 12 week course of tablets only available on prescription




Tips and Tricks

Coping mechanisms

Some of the following coping mechanisms need only be used short term, in the early days of stopping smoking or in the first few weeks.


  • Of places where you used to smoke
  • Of people you know who will tempt you to smoke
  • Of alcohol - it weakens the will

Change of routine

  • At times when you used to smoke e.g. after a meal, get up straight away and wash up or go for a walk
  • Eat smaller meals, to avoid that full up feeling
  • Go to places where you know you cannot smoke

Break triggers

  • Instead of tea or coffee, try drinking water or fruit juice
  • Have a doodle pad by the telephone
  • Keep your mind and hands busy
  • Decorating, gardening, sewing, knitting, doodling, walking, cooking etc


  • Consider your environment, remove ashtrays, lighters and any smoking materials
  • Know your danger times


Obtain stop smoking support

  • Give up with a friend
  • Identify a 'buddy' who will support you while you quit


Useful contact details


Sarum House Surgery

3 St Ethelbert Street



Tel: 01432 265422


Appointments available Monday—Friday 8.00—6.00pm



Herefordshire Healthy Lifestyle Trainer Service

NHS Herefordshire

County Offices

Bath Street



Office Tel No: 01432 383567


Free NHS Smoking Helpline  0800 022 4 332 

Lines are open daily from 7am to 11pm with specialist advisers available from 10am to 1pm.



Quitline    0800 00 22 00

Lines are open daily from 9am to 9pm






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