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Sarum House Surgery
 Sarum House Surgery

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Sarum House Surgery set up a Patient Participation Group (PPG) in September 2013 and currently has 11 members.  The group is open to any member to join and patients have been encouraged to sign up to be a member of the group with messages on the Surgery’s plasma screens in each waiting room and information about the group, including a sign up form, available on the Surgery website at www.sarumhousesurgery.nhs.uk


Composition of the group

The group is composed of a range of patients and has 5 male and 6 female members.  The age ranges of PPG members are shown in the graph below. Within the group:


  • one person identifies themselves as a carer for a patient at Sarum House Surgery
  • 8 members have a long standing illness or infirmity
  • 3 members state that they are employed with 2 members unemployed or unable to work, 1 member looking after their home and 5 members retired.
  • All members identify as being white.


The group is open to any patient, or carer of a patient, registered at Sarum House Surgery and further opportunities to increase the numbers of patients on the PPG will be exploredin the coming year, including, for example making sign up slips and leaflets available in the reception and waiting areas. It is envisaged that this will allow the group to be broadly representative of the practice’s profile in terms of age and ethnicity.


Since its inception, the group has been a virtual one but, as part of the publicity to increase membership, it is planned to hold a meet and greet session with group members over the coming year.


Consulting with the PPG - Patient Survey 2013

In September 2013, the patient survey was carried out in the practice. The survey covered all aspects of the operation of the practice and the service provided to patients and, on this basis, the PPG was not specifically consulted about the questions to be asked.  However, the PPG was involved following the survey  (see below).  The participants were selected by giving a survey to the first 300 patients in a given week and asking them to complete and return; 259 completed responses were received and analysed.  The survey covered all aspects of the services that the practice offers.


The results of this survey were compiled by CFEP, an independent survey company, and were positive overall, with 85% of all patient ratings about the practice either good, very good or excellent.  However, there were some specific areas identified following review at a practice meeting.  The results of this review were then shared with the patient participation group ‘virtually’ and members were asked to feedback any comments to the Practice Manager.  A number of questions were also put to the group using the internet site www.surveymonkey.com.  In addition, a copy of the survey was placed on the surgery’s website.



Actions taken as a result of the patient survey

Whilst the patient survey had results which, overall, were very positive, particularly when compared to practices of a similar size, there were still a number of areas for improvement.  It was agreed that the PPG would be consulted in relation to ways that the practice could address these specific issues and three questionnaires, via survey monkey were sent out.  One specific issue highlighted by the practice survey was in relation to confidentiality at the reception desk.  Therefore, the first questionnaire focussed on confidentiality in reception and the PPG were asked about their views on music being played in the waiting area to provide some background noise and increase confidentiality of conversations in the waiting area. The results of the survey were that the majority of responses felt that this would help to address the problem.  The group was also consulted about what music should be played in the waiting area.  As a result, appropriate licences have been purchased and music is now being played.


The actions were led by the Practice Manager.  Actions and progress were monitored through the monthly practice meeting, where there is at least one representative from each staff group.


Consulting with the PPG – Other consultations 2013/14

The PPG have also been consulted when the practice has been considering making changes to the way that appointments are handled and two specific questions have been addressed to members about:

  • Offering rapid access appointments with non named clinicians
  • The practice policy on patients who arrive for appointments late

The feedback from the surveys have helped to inform the practice’s policy on these two issues. 


Feedback on changes made as a result of the PPG

The practice has aimed to provide feedback on the work of the PPG, and the results of the practice survey and has placed copies of the patient survey on the practice’s website, along with a ‘you told us, we did…’ section to explain the actions that the practice has taken.  In addition, messages have been placed on the plasma screens in the waiting rooms to explain the changes that have been made as a result of the survey.


Practice Opening Hours

The practice is currently open between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.  Appointments are available throughout the day and the practice has a policy of always seeing patients who request an appointment on the day.  Patients can contact the practice by telephone, fax, email (for non urgent queries) and in person.


The practice has entered into arrangements under the extended hours scheme and there are currently appointments available between 6.30pm and 8pm on Monday and 6.30pm to 7pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week. 


In 2013-14 the practice has also enhanced online access and patients can now book a range of appointments via www.patient.co.uk and can also order repeat prescriptions if they have signed up to the access website.  There are currently 1838 (17% of all patients at Sarum House Surgery) patients registered to use this service and over 350 appointments have been made via Patient Access.  The practice has increased the availability of appointments to be booked online and all pre-bookable doctor appointments can now be booked electronically by patients up to two weeks in advance. 


Ceri Chaplin

Practice Manager

20th March 2014

Updated 21st May 2014

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