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Sarum House Surgery
 Sarum House Surgery

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Thursday 14th June 2018 - We have a problem with our telephones this morning. The telephone provider has been informed and is working on the problem. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.



Merger Update April 2018: Frequently Asked Questions 


As you may be aware, Sarum House will be merging with four other city practices to form Hereford Medical Group on the 1st July 2018. Below are some key updates and answers to common questions we are asked by patients –


 What will the name be?


  • The merged practices will be called Hereford Medical Group.


When will Hereford Medical Group be established?


  • The merger will take place on the 1st July 2018.


What are the most important things to maintain from our current services?


  • Remaining patient focused
  • Continuity of care
  • Flexibility and accessibility to clinical staff


What will change with the delivery of care?


  • All urgent care (on the day care) will take place at Moorfield House Surgery
  • This will allow Hereford Medical Group to deliver care in the most effective and efficient way


How will we keep you informed of changes about the merger/services?


  • Via regular Patient Participation Group meetings
  • Updating websites
  • Information in surgeries – poster, leaflets and practice TV screens
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media – Facebook and Twitter


Will Hereford Medical Group have a new building?


  • Hereford Medical Group hopes to have a new surgery ready to use in early 2020
  • We are working with Prime Plc, developers of the build, on this project
  • In the meantime current surgery sites will be used


What worries you?


The feedback we have received from Patient Participation Group meetings and public engagement events for the new building has been overwhelmingly positive. Concerns raised were –


  • Services will be more difficult to access
  • Risk of privatisation
  • Quality of care may decrease
  • Staff jobs being put at risk


Changes to the IT system


One of the changes that will take place immediately when we merge is that our current IT clinical systems (which include our clinical databases called EMIS) will merge into one single patient database. This will have an impact in May and June when the databases are merged together over 4 weekends. Information will go out to patients via post and we will have information in surgeries and websites.


What is the impact to patients?


  • Routine appointment requests and prescription requests will be affected. The last day for routine appointment and prescription requests will be the Tuesday before the merge weekends.
  • On the Friday afternoons before the weekends of the merger we will not have access to their clinical systems at all as they are switched off to prepare for the merger over the weekend. This means we will not have access to clinical records of patients.
  • The merge weekends and the surgeries they will affect are:


  • Friday 11thth May – Moorfield House Surgery, King Street and Bobblestock Surgeries
  • Friday 25nd May - Moorfield House Surgery, King Street and Bobblestock Surgeries, Greyfriars Surgery
  • Friday 8th June - Moorfield House Surgery, King Street and Bobblestock Surgeries, Greyfriars Surgery, Sarum House Surgery
  • Friday 22nd June - Moorfield House Surgery, King Street and Bobblestock Surgeries, Greyfriars Surgery, Sarum House Surgery, Quay House Medical Centre


We will be operational again the following Monday afternoon but we may have a few teething problems that day – please be patient with us!


  • Patient Access on-line will be unavailable from the 1st May. The service will be available from the 2nd July. If you would like to use Patient Access on-line services after 2nd July, you will need to re-register for this service.


Any changes made during this period are due to essential work in order to ensure patient safety. We aplogise for any short-term inconvenience this may cause our patients, and thank you for your patience and understanding.


Will everything change on the 1st July?


  • From the 1st July the main changes for patients will be the delivery of urgent care. You will still phone your usual surgeries number but if you need urgent 'on-the-day' care your appointment will be at Moorfield House. For all routine appointments you will visit your usual site.
  • From the 1st July Hereford Medical Group will have a dedicated Care Navigation Centre answering phone calls. This will allow receptionists trained in care navigation to deal with your call in a confidential environment.


Will I still be able to visit my usual surgery site?


  • Yes you can attend the same the same site. However, if you could be seen quicker at a different site or it is more convenient for you we will be able to offer that option.


Will I still be able to contact you on the same telephone number?


  • Yes, you will still phone the same number as you do now.


Will I still be able to book the same appointments?


  • Yes, appointment booking will be the same. However for urgent, on the day, appointments you will be seen at Moorfield House.
  • Over time we will review services to see if Hereford Medical Group can provide these in a better way; but this will be a gradual process. 
  • We are committed to ensuring that continuity of care is retained for patients with on-going health care issues as we know that this is important to you and good for patient care.


Will I be able to request my repeat prescription the same way as I do now?


  • Yes you will able to request and collect your repeat prescription in the same way as you do now.


Will I still be registered at my current practice?


  • You will be registered with Hereford Medical Group but you can still see your own GP or nurse and you can still attend the site of your choice.


Will Hereford Medical Group take new registrations?


  • Hereford Medical Group will take new registrations.

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